The Film Project

Poster HOMEThe documentary film Operation CHRIST

is a three-part investigation into a case of serious human rights violations carried out by Romanian authorities against the MISA yoga spiritual movement and their mentor Gregorian Bivolaru.

These violations culminated in 2004 in an armed police raid of an unheard magnitude against the yoga school. As a result, shortly afterwards, Gregorian Bivolaru left to Sweden, where he received political asylum in 2005.

The Trilogy provides evidence related to the testimony he gave before the Cluj Tribunal. In the trial against Gregorian Bivolaru and 21 other yoga practitioners, volunteer work performed for the organisation was presented by the prosecutors and the media in Romania as human trafficking.

For 25 years Romania has waged an intensive media campaign against this spiritual movement, replete with accusations. The premise of innocence is not respected and the true opinions of Gregorian Bivolaru in the media is almost completely lacking, due to a refusal of the press to respect his right to reply. The film presents the view of the founder of MISA, who considers that the charges against him and the school are politically motivated, constructed behind the scenes by senior politicians in collaboration with the secret services in Romania and the Prosecutor’s Office and served up to the public by an extremely biased press.

If he is right, then who are the ones who will have to answer as to why an inoffensive spiritual yoga movement is considered a threat to national security?

In Romania there is a saying “The real thieves are shouting thief at the innocent”.

The three parts of the trilogy:

Episode 1 – The Historical Context –

Episode 2 – The Political Context –

Episode 3 – The Verdict –

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